J A Brunning

I'm a born liar following a life of fiction.

My first novels are The Witherstone Trilogy: Witherstone,  The Hunt Begins, and The Book of Shadows, and I'm currently working on a new project whenever I can.

I occasionally write short stories, often with a darker edge, and have written a play about three Pre-Raphaelite artists called The Loom.

When I'm not making things up, I deliver writing and reader development projects, including creative writing workshops and critical feedback in both fiction and academic work, and spend a large proportion of my time in a public library.

In previous incarnations, I was the project co-ordinator for the Lancashire Writing Hub for over 2 years, and before that was a University lecturer, teaching English Literature, and Creative Writing.

I also keep bees, but have no plans to give away any of their secrets.

You can contact me at ribblebabel underscore 1 at yahoo dot co dot uk or sometimes I can be found on Facebook and Twitter when I should be doing something else instead.

For more on the Witherstone trilogy, see the Witherstone website. I also have an official website here for when I start trying to take myself more seriously.